Beer and Cider Festival 2022

  • 1
    First delivery resting in courtyard.
  • Stillage up.
    Stillage up.
  • Beer going up.
    Beer going up.
  • Ready for cooling.
    Ready for cooling.
  • Beer ready.
    Beer ready.
  • Bars built.
    Bars built.
  • Glasses ready.
    Glasses ready.
  • We're open!
    We're open!
  • Judging Oxfordshire Beer of thge Festival
    Judging Oxfordshire Beer of thge Festival
  • Ready for Saturday
    Ready for Saturday

The Oxford Branch usually holds its CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival in Oxford Town Hall in October. Our succesful event in 2019 was the 22nd at the Town Hall with 170 different real ales and 50 ciders and perries.

If you want to see how we have done it in the past here’s a time-lapse of the setting up: Oxford Beer Festival set-up by Laurence Harman

Oxford Beer & Cider Festival 2022

We have a provisional date for this year’s festival – from Thursday 20 October to Saturday 22 and are starting to plan it now. It will be in the Town Hall as usual but the format and everything else is up for discussion – we have no idea how much beer we will be able to sell for one thing. One possibility is dropping Saturday and just having a 2-day festival. That extra day costs a lot of money and doesn’t bring in as many people. If you have any thoughts on what we should do please let me know.  Steve Lawrence


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