Beer and Cider Festival 2018

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    First delivery resting in courtyard.
  • Stillage up.
    Stillage up.
  • Beer going up.
    Beer going up.
  • Ready for cooling.
    Ready for cooling.
  • Beer ready.
    Beer ready.
  • Bars built.
    Bars built.
  • Glasses ready.
    Glasses ready.
  • We're open!
    We're open!
  • Judging Oxfordshire Beer of thge Festival
    Judging Oxfordshire Beer of thge Festival
  • Ready for Saturday
    Ready for Saturday

The Oxford Branch held its 21st CAMRA Beer & Cider Festival in Oxford Town Hall from 8th to 10th November 2018. There were 130 different real ales and 40 more held over to the Saturday, and 50 ciders and perries.

There is more information on our Beer Festival web site and here is a link to the beer list so you can see what you missed:  Beer & Cider List 2018

We’ve already got a date pencilled in for 2019. It will be open to the public from Thursday 24 to Saturday 26 October.

Would you like to help next time?

The festival is entirely organised, set up, and staffed by volunteers.
It’s good fun and you get some beer and food tokens, possibly a T shirt (maybe even in your size), and a warm glow from helping a wide variety of people have a good time. If you help on Sunday morning we will buy you lunch in a local hostelry. You don’t strictly need to be a CAMRA member but we have our reputation to think of so, if not, you will need to be a friend or relative of someone we know. Any previous experience would be useful but is not necessary. If you want to get involved next year e-mail Staffing

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