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Better protection for pubs.

In a big success for CAMRA campaigning the Government announced on March 23 that there will be a change to the planning loophole in England which allows pubs to be demolished or converted to a wide range of retail uses without a planning application. It won’t prevent the development of pubs, but will require developers to apply for planning permission to convert or demolish a pub, allowing members of the local community to express their opinions as part of that process.

CAMRA’s current big thing is the Revitalisation Project – Shaping the Future.

CAMRA is carrying out a review of its fundamental purpose and consulting all its members. There will be more discussion at the Members’ Weekend, 7 to 9 April in Bournemouth, and the Revitalisation Project proposals will be worked on in the coming months and a final decision on adoption taken at the 2018 Conference.

More information at Revitalisation Project

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